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Here you will find some small utilities I programmed for my personal use. Because I think someone else would like these programs too, I decided to make them public available.

This software is "work in progress".

If you like this software please send me a short note by e-mail.

Software for Linux
- SerDump
SerDump is a small program to monitor all receive data of a serial device as hex dump.
At the moment the documentation is only available in German!
But I hope compiling and using SerDump is a bit self explaining.
The current revision is version 0.4.

Download of the current version ( bytes).
- update
The PTC-II update utility for Linux.
This program is very similar to the well known UPDATE.EXE for DOS.
In the README you can find a (little) more info.
The current revision is version 0.2.
The change log gives you some information of the changes in the current version.

Download of the current version ( bytes).

Home - Software deutsch

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